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50 Ohm Terminations



50 ohm
Dc - 2000 MHz
Completely shielded
Small size
Rugged construction

Terminations are useful for terminating the unused outputs of power dividers in order to maintain proper balance and loss characteristics. Additionally, they are used for terminating unused outputs on directional couplers and test equipment such as signal generators, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers etc. These terminations feature return loss greater than 20 dB from DC-2000 MHz, have a power rating of 0.25 watt and are supplied with a male type connector. Excellent return loss characteristics and rugged construction make these terminations a good choice for use in any system.

50 Ohm Terminations


Example: BTRM indicates a type BNC termination. NTRM indicates a type N termination and STRM indicates a type SMA termination. Prices: BTRM $10.95, NTRM $11.95 and STRM $11.95.

Dimensions: outline drawing

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