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Warranty / Repair Information


All Advanced Receiver Research products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty applies for one year from the date of delivery. We will repair or replace products which prove to be defective during the warranty period provided they are returned to Advanced Receiver Research. This warranty does not apply to any product repaired or altered by persons not authorized by Advanced Receiver Research, or not in accordance with instructions furnished by Advanced Receiver Research. If the unit is found to be defective as a result of misuse, improper repair, or abnormal conditions of operation, repairs will be billed at cost.


When shipping one or more units to us for repair, whether in the warranty period or not, please obtain an RMA number below and note that number on your enclosed paperwork. Use the appropriate return address for your method of shipment. It is important that you choose the correct address for the method of shipment that you use.

Repairs will be returned via UPS ground within USA and via Air Parcel Post outside the USA, unless you request otherwise. Warranty repairs are returned at no charge unless you choose an upgraded method of shipment. In that case we will charge you for the difference between the standard shiping method and the upgraded shipping method. Non warranty repairs, for most GaAsFET model preamplifiers, typically run $22.50 not including shipping charges. You can include your VISA or Mastercard information for payment with the repair. If you are a Net 30 customer we can bill you for the repair.

US Mail address:

Advanced Receiver Research
Repair Department
Box 1242
Burlington CT 06013

UPS, Fed Ex, Purolator, Emery, etc.

Advanced Receiver Research
Johnnycake Airport, Rt. 4
535 Burlington Rd.
Harwinton CT 06791

If you have any questions regarding repairs of Advanced Receiver Research products you can e mail us at info@advancedreceiver.com or call us at (860)485-0310.

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