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Dc Injector/Bias "T"

dc injector


Remote power preamplifiers
Wide frequency range
Rugged construction
Small size

Model DC-INJ dc injector (bias "T") is used to power remote mounted "P" series receive only preamplifiers via the output coaxial cable. The DC-INJ mounts at any convenient location near the system receiver. Dc voltage to be applied to the preamplifier is connected to the DC-INJ feedthrough capacitor and the ground lug. Capacitor coupling in the DC-INJ prevents dc from appearing at the receiver input. The DC-INJ is rated for operation over the 10 - 1000 MHz frequency range. Maximum insertion loss is 0.3 dB. Minimum return loss is 20 dB. NOTE: When ordering preamplifiers to be powered via the output coaxial cable specify "-C" after the part number. Example: P150VDG-C. Price: DC-INJ-B (BNC connectors) $49.95, DC-INJ-N (N connectors) $59.95, DC-INJ-S (SMA connectors) $59.95. Consult factory for other connector types. Dimensions: outline drawing

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