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Fixed Value Attenuators



Values from 1 to 20 dB
Dc - 1500 MHz
Completely shielded
Small size
Rugged construction

Fixed value attenuators are useful for adjusting receiver system gain. For example, a fixed value attenuator may be used between the output of a preamplifier and the input to a receiver to lower the effective gain of the preamplifier without significantly affecting the noise figure of the system. The value of the attenuator reduces the system gain by a like amount. A 24 dB gain preamplifier followed by a 6 dB attenuator yields a system gain of 18 dB. Attenuators can also be used for measurement purposes, equalizing gains, system performance testing, etc. Power rating for the type BNC and type N attenuators is 1 watt. Type SMA is 0.5 watt. Maximum VSWR is 1.7:1.

Fixed Value Attenuators



Example: _AT-3 indicates an attenuation value of 3 dB. Add prefix H for type BNC connectors, UN for type N and S for type SMA connectors. Prices: HAT-_ $18.95, UNAT-_ $25.95, SAT-_ $22.95.

Dimensions: outline drawing

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